Starting your Revolution.

A revolution takes time to settle in.

Lanza del Vasto, Italian Philosopher & Poet
Do you feel like it’s time to make a change for the better?

What do you need to “Overthrow” in your life?

Bad Habits? Negative Thoughts? Trash them now.

I came across this quote the other day – “A revolution takes time to settle in.” If I’m not mistaken, I believe this quote refers to some actual real life revolutions, but I’d like to share from the mindset of creating “revolutions for ourselves.”

When think of an actual revolution, you may think of a sudden call for change. Many individuals all of the sudden coming together to fight for a common goal. It can be exciting and scary, often bringing about times of uncertainty. What we may not always think about is the time and consistent effort it often takes for a revolution to create positive change.

Thinking about how a “revolution takes time to settle in,” it opens our mind to the idea that change does not happen overnight. It is days, weeks, months and years of continued efforts and fighting to see the change we want to see. Looking at the big picture, we may tend to forget this as we get caught up in the affects of a “revolution.”

What Are the Revolutions you Create for Yourself?

Since I am one who is always thinking of ways to improve and enrich my life, this brings to mind some of the changes I am working towards putting in place these year – getting rid of negative thoughts, moving through lack of motivation, holding myself accountable for my actions.

These may not seem like “revolutions” to someone looking in from the outside, but they are important to me, and I know they are changes that will have an impact – perhaps a revolutionary impact! – on my life when done regularly and consistently.

So I thought it would be interesting to pose the question – What revolutions are taking place in your life? The goals that you are working towards that maybe no one else sees – a more positive mindset, holding yourself accountable, kicking bad habits, etc.

Remember that the change will happen, and the results will come, when done consistently. Stick to it, and see what revolutions you can create in your life!

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